Simple Smartphone

Simple Smartphone

Intergenerational (Re)Connection Made Simple

The Simple Smartphone solution is an OS-level Android system software that converts any smartphone into a senior-friendly device. It is currently implemented in phones made by Samsung, LG, Huawei, and Swissvoice, among others. The Simple Smartphone offers a convenient way to communicate and access social media apps, messages, and images that is tailored to the needs of older adults.

Error-Free Operation

  • Tapping-only activation. The Simple Smartphone software is built around our patented “Positive Touch” technology. Using a unique combination of 3 elements—a long tap with both vibratory and visual feedback—this technology prevents the user from activating an undesired feature as a result of pressing the wrong key. The duration of the press-and-hold action can be individually adjusted. Swipe and scroll gestures are kept to a minimum.
  • Older adults benefit also from enlarged fonts, simple backgrounds, labelled buttons, and written and voice confirmation requests for input commands.

The Power of Simplicity

In addition, the Simple Smartphone offers a range of features that make navigating the device an easy and straightforward endeavor:


The easiest way to dial in and dial out

Elderly-friendly keyboard and preconfigured outgoing messages for uncomplicated communication

Simple access to information

Simple access to information. Incoming text messages and unanswered calls are concentrated in a single Message Center; photos and clips are collected in the Picture Center for easy viewing and sharing.


Remote management capabilities

The provider’s Service Center professionals can install apps, tutor users, add contacts, etc. Our proprietary Simple Caregiver Platform app enables family members or caregivers to check the status of the device and communicate with the user from any remote location. Most importantly, it can activate the device’s speaker in case the user is not able to reach the phone

Easy activation of applications

Simplified versions of social media apps such as WhatsApp, Zoom, and YouTube, among others, are made readily available without the need to input passwords or codes. In addition, customized apps dedicated to the specific needs of older adults (appointment manager, pill reminder, and more) are already integrated into the system. Our own Simple Content Platform, which allows real-time participation in live events or review of prerecorded contents, can also be installed on the Simple Smartphone.


Speedy communication in time of need

The Simple Smartphone includes an integrated S.O.S. button that connects the user directly with a preselected family member or an emergency service. It also sends an emergency message and the device’s location to up to 3 preset recipients

Automatic maintenance

Software updates are executed without user intervention


Case in Point: the JDC JOINTECH Project

During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the JDC (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, a.k.a. Joint) took upon itself to provide elderly Jews in Former Soviet Union area with Simple Smartphones to relieve their loneliness and help them reconnect with their peers and families. The JDC chose to use the Simple Smartphone because it provided a way both to facilitate direct communications and also to enable the users to be actively involved in social events. We are proud of the dramatic difference that the Simple Smartphone has already made in these older adults’ lives.